Primer Amor / First Love (by Emilia Pardo-Bazan)

“Primer Amor” (“First Love”) is taken from Emilia Pardo-Bazan’s “Cuentos de Amor” (1898).
The translation is from “First Love & Other Fascinating Stories of Spanish Live”, brought out by Haldeman-Julius Company some time aft.

Is the story any good? It takes you to a specific time and place and to a degree you enter into someone else’s (well, some fairly-believable fictional personage’s) childhood experiences. You could maybe complain that it’s a little cutesy, but why not roll with it and have a little fun?

  1. Primer Amor – Part One
  2. Primer Amor – Part Two
  3. Primer Amor – Part Three

Author: Emilia Pardo-Bazan
Translator: ?Haldeman-Julius Company?
Smusher-Together’s: AM/BW


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