Side By Side English Translations of French, German & Spanish Originals

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To improve your reading comprehension through the study of classic literature!

To start (Nov 2018), we’re focusing primarily on Spanish.

Side By Side Translations (Mash-Ups)

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Below we’ve also linked to foreign-language originals. We author those sometimes—for language practice, and to approach writing from a different angle:

Foreign Language Originals


A few stories are authored by Bartleby Willard and/or Andy Watson; those are copyright Andrew Mackenzie Watson, all rights reserved.

Otherwise, the copyrights on the originals and translations are, to the best of our knowledge, no longer in effect in the USA. However, we’d like to claim a copyright on the smushing-together of the texts. Granted: it wasn’t that hard and didn’t take that long, but, well, still–it did take some doing.
Bartleby Willard (pretend person)
Andrew M Watson (real person–at least from a legal point of view, and thus where possible and not unseemly, the copyright holder)